MSP Basics Training - Powerpoint Presentation - June 1, 2006

MSP Training.pdf

MSP Customer Letter Regarding MSP Label Put in Mail Receptacle


Overview of the Adjustment Process and MSP


DOIS / MSP Policy - October 20, 2006


Using MSP - A Primer - June 30, 2006


MSP Memorandum from Tim O’Malley, NBA - June 26, 2001 - MSP Implementation Guidelines and FAQ’s

MSP - Memo from Tim O'Malley.pdf

DOIS - Handling MSP Maintenance During a Route Inspection

DOIS - Handling MSP Maintenance During a Route Adjustment.pdf

Missed Scan Defenses

Missed Scan Defenses.pdf

MSP - Postal Record - April,  2002

Managed Service Points (MSP) - Postal Record - April, 2002.pdf

MSP SOP (From Matt Sause - Missouri)

MSP - 
Managed Service Points

MSP - M-01458 - Does Not Set Standards, Cannot Be Used as Timecard Data for Pay, the Carrier Chooses the ID #, Lunch Scans Don’t Have to be Used as Such

MSP m01458.pdf

MSP Scan Grievance Help - Thanks to Lucinda Stapp, President, FW, Tx for Supplying This Info

MSP scans - Jose Flores.pdf
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